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Boxtech BT – series High speed Automatic carton folder, Automatic Carton folder gluer machine, Folder gluer machine, Folder gluer, Carton Folder gluer machine and gluer is suitable for folding and gluing small sizes mono cartons with accurate folding and gluing technology, high productivity with quick make ready. The basic formation of pasting box is paper-feeding: Automatic friction feeder which enables continuous paper-feeding, next One-side pasting, Folding method: First and third crease folding line is up to 180° and opened and passes through gluing section and then second and fourth crease folding line is a must 180° in straight line boxes and gets stacked & carried in to pressure delivery section for pressing of the cartons which is ready for packing.

Folder gluer machine Boxtech Straight Line Carton 
Automatic Carton folder gluer machine Crash Lock Bottom Carton 
Carton Folder gluer machine Cache Cover

Coming soon…

Boxtech is going to introduce an  add-on product attachment to BT-Velocity0.2 to the market.