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Boxtech Straight Line Carton

Boxtech BT-Series High Speed Automatic Folder and Gluer

Boxtech BT – series High speed Automatic carton folder and gluer is suitable for folding and gluing small sizes mono cartons with accurate folding and gluing technology, high productivity with quick make ready .The basic formation of pasting box is paper-feeding: Automatic friction feeder which enables continuous paper-feeding, next One-side pasting, Folding method: First and third crease folding line is up to 180° and opened and passes through gluing section and then second and fourth crease folding line is a must 180° in straight line boxes and gets stacked & carried in to pressure delivery section for pressing of the cartons which is ready for packing.


Main Specification – Straight Line Carton


Maximum line speed: 250m/min
Applicable paper: 280-450g/m2 cardboard
The basic formation of pasting box-One-side pasting
Folding method: One-two-three folding line is 90°, and two-four folding line is 180° in straight line boxes
Method of paper-feeding: Automatic and continuous Friction feeding
Applied adhesive: Solute type water based glue
Power needed: 3.7Kw.400v
Weight: 3000kg.


Model Amax Amin Bmax Bmin Cmin Dmin Emin
BT 65 500 100 650 100 8 70
BT 55 500 100 550 100 8 60
BT 45 450 80 450 80 7 60
BT 35 450 80 350 70 7 60

Note: When the paper quality and die tangent line of the paper-box are good, the maximum line speed can be reached.


Standard Accessories 

1. Both upper , lower conveyors are belt driven and upper conveyors are designed for quick lift up.
2. All Sealed bearings are used , reduces jams due to paper dust
3. Minimum Maintenance and Quick make ready
4. Adjustable Pressing units
5. AC motors with control drives











 Special Additional Accessories

1.Feeder Auto Clutch 
2.Electronic Batch Counter with Photo sensor and electro-mechanical ejector   
3.Extended Pressing unit for quick dry and online packing

Over 25 years experience & knowledge of industrial systems.
Boxtech Accessories
  • Crash Lock Bottom Attachment
  • Auto Clutch for feeder
  • Electronic Batch counter
  • Extended pressure Delivery
  • Electronic Totalizer counter
  • Ac Motor & Drive

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